Winners of the Vag Performance

I popped by a friends house last night and was surprised to view it full of all these sexy women. Turns out it was his sister’s birthday party and his folks wouldn’t let her have it at their place so he volunteered. Smart dude. There were drunk babes all over the place and since we were the only 2 guys there they were all over us. We told them that we would fuck the ones that put on the best show. The winners were these 2 filthy latin sluts that started making out with each other. They were kissing like insane and then slobbing on each others hooters. Then 1 of those slutty latin skanks lay down right in the middle of the room while the other 1 started eating her out. It wasn’t long before we were tag teaming those hoes and giving them the good fuck that they had won. Ever since then I’ve been craving more Latin snatch. Want more Nasty Latin Bitches? Check them out here!

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