Rikki Gave a Hj on the Back of the Bus

Rikki gives a great handjob. I have know idea where she got her hj skills but she must have been doing it all through high school at the very least. She told me once that she used to practice on her boyfriend so she didn’t have to give up her virginity and she would give him handjobs all over the place. She gave him a zillion back seat hand jobs and she used to give him hand jobs in the scene theatre, too. They went on a school trip on the school bus once and he was bragging about how skilled she was and the other guys didn’t believe him so he called her to the back of the bus and she gave him and his 3 best friends handjobs right there on the bus. She even licked up all the jism! You should see how good she is at jerking a guy off now! Tugjob Hussies has lots of chicks that are ready to wank some wood – click here to check them out!

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