Monika Likes Slobbing Weiner

Monika likes slobbing weiner and she’s spent a lot of time practicing so naturally she’s very good at it. The best thing is that Monika can take a real deep throat fucking and it doesn’t even phase her. She just opens her mouth wider and takes it deeper and pushes past her gag reflex until the knob of his weiner is rubbing against the back of her throat. She can really put her tongue to good use too. She rubs it up and down against the shaft as that boner slides in and out of her sexy small mouth. Then, when he’s about to shoot a load, she holds that weiner at the back of her mouth and coax’s out loads and loads of gooey jizm. Monika can’t get enough peen sucking and she’s so sexy to see in her videos. You’ll love all of her weiner slobbing and fucking, too! Click here to get more deep throat videos and photograph galleries at Fucked Faces.

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