Latino Babes Loves a Backdoor Entry

I’ve been seeing this insane sexy Latino chick for the past few weeks and I tell ya, this babe has it all. She got a amazing set of hooters and a sexy butt and legs that just go on forever. And guy, is she ever flexible.She can wrap her legs around anything, bend any which way. It’s totally wild. I found out last night though that she has a total rump fetish.

We’ve only been fucking for a small over a week so I hadn’t tried using the back door yet but last night I fingered her lil rosebud while I was pumping away at her juicy kunt. She went totally wild. So I added another finger and she loved it. Finally, I figured what the hell and I slid my penis right into her backside. She sucked it up and clenched her sphincter muscles around my man meat. Then I told her to lay on her back so I could get a good watch of her wet gash while I screwed her ass. It was so awesome I loaded her back tunnel with a ton of gooey jism. Raunchy Latin Skank has even more sexy Latino babes. Check them out here!

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