Latin Babe Cheered Him Up

My poor friend Steve got dumped last week and he’d been moping around ever since. I tell ya, we were all getting rather sick of it so we decided to help him out a little get him back on his feet. Well, off his feet in this case!

We took him out to the bar and I arranged for this chick I know to meet us there but to act like she didn’t know me. The deal was she was just supposed to boost his ego but she boosted more than that! She ended up coming back to my place to party with us. She was doing a amazing job flirting away with Steve and he was starting to feel good. Then, out of no where, she started doing a strip tease. I’ve screwed her a couple times myself so I’d seen her naked but she has a amazing body and everyone was enjoying the show. But she had eyes only for Steve. We could view his wang growing in his pants and I guess she could too because she stripped him right there of all his clothes, climbed on top of him, and slid his peen right into her puss! She penetrated him right there in front of all of us, so of course we got some amazing pics with our camera phones! Don’t ya just love those dirty latino sluts? There’s more latino babes prepared to fuck at Filthy Latin Skanks so click here and check it out!

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