Jenn Gets a Hj Lesson

Jenn is a good friend of mine. She was telling me last night that her boyfriend was complaining that she couldn’t give a hj worth shit and asked me if I’d teach her how to do it right. I told her that it wasn’t something I could teach her in words it was only something she could learn by actually doing it. She said that wasn’t a problem with that wicked grin of hers. So, one Saturday afternoon we settled into my room with a big bottle of lube. I started teaching her all the ins and outs of hand jobs like when to be firm and when to go soft and where all the sensitive spots are on a man’s man meat. I was having a amazing time but she was getting really horny. But she wanted to learn so I made her keep working on it until she got it right. Once she got it right and had made me sperm five or six times I gave her a reward and gave her a good fuck to make her happy. These Tugjob Hussies are real pros now click here and view some fabulous tugjob videos!

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