Hj at the Mall

I met this sexy babe at a mall and she was with her boyfriend but I managed to pick her up somehow anyway. She ditched her boyfriend and we went off into a corner and started making out like insane. She was so horny. She had her hand all over my weiner and it was getting bigger by the moment. She said she just had to watch it. So we snuck off into the men’s washroom and went to the very last stall. She immediately tugged by boner out and started stroking it and making my balls ache. With a tiny bit of spit she had it good and lubed up and before long she had me shooting loads of creamy cream all over her pert little titties. Fuck that was so awesome. I didn’t even ask her name and she didn’t ask mine. The last thing she said was that she had to go find her boyfriend. Betcha that man got lucky later! The chicks at Handjob Hussies know all about handjobs and they can’t wait to show off their skills!

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