Crystal in High Heels

Crystal is my woman and she’ll do anything to make my dick hard because she likes the feel of it slamming her pussy. I have a bit of a foot fetish so she totally appeals to it. She has about 50 pairs of the sluttiest high heeled shoes you can possibly imagine. I especially love the ones where her toes stick out. Sometimes she gets out the hose and garter belt, too.

When she’s in the mood to get her puss filled she’ll come out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a pair of dirty heels and sometimes her belly chain. She’ll prance around the living room for a bit and then she’ll sit down and start rubbing those heels against my man meat. She knows that drives me crazy. When I get my boner out of my pants she’ll rub my pole with her bare feet until it’s rock hard. She takes really good care of her feet so her soles are like satin against my penis. It doesn’t take much longer before her gash is filled with my thick shaft and we’re both cumming. Foot Favors has lots of babes that are prepared to appeal to the man with the foot fetish check them out!

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