Creamy Sperm Party

Alexa likes to party but after the party is over and all the partiers go home is when the real fun begins. I stayed late 1 night after one of her amazing parties to help her clean up but the only thing that got cleaned up was the spunk off her face with her tongue. She gave me one of the most awesome blowjobs but before I could cum she begged me to fuck her from behind. She said she needed it really hard so I drove my peen into her tight lil cunny and gave her a hell of a ride. She moaned and groaned until she finally gripped her muscles around my boner and came. Then I pulled out so she could clean my off and gave her a mouthful and a face full of creamy sperm. She licked off everything she couldn’t catch in her mouth and I went home a happy guy.

My good friend Sandy is one of the best friends a guy could ever have. She doesn’t believe in committed relationships but she likes sex. More than most guys I know and you know how much guys love sex! So, she’s more into casual sex. One of her favorite things to do is giving blow jobs. It’s no a wonder she likes it so much she’s very good at it. She can take a face fucking unlike any other young babe I’ve ever met.She has no gag reflex whatsoever, so she can take my weiner all the way to the back of her throat. And she works her tongue up and down the shaft until I feel like I’m losing my mind. When I finally let loose and stud goo down her throat, she gobbles every last drop and then licks her lips. A lady like Sandy is a good friend to have.

Alexa likes to tease her men before she fucks them because she is well aware that a good tease is the key to a great orgasm. Ever since she’s had a pair of hooters to flash at someone she never misses an opportunity. Today it was driving down the highway as we returned from a long trip to her brother’s place. These truckers were rolling by 1 after the other and Alexa said that these poor bastards could use some excitement in their lives. She purposely had me drive alongside some of them for up to a mile as she would first flash her hooters at them and then give them a small finger fuck show. Every trucker we saw honked his horn in approval once the show was done and we sped away. By the time we got back home I was ready to eat her vag like a guy possessed and she knew it. Alexa knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. And if the truth be told, I don’t mind giving her my hard prick anytime she wants either! Give yourself a peen and CLICK HERE to watch everything at Alexa 18!

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